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Triton Xerophyte

Water-Saving Digital Shower

R9 985 (VAT inclusive)

Save precious clean water from being wasted

Triton Xerophyte is the only mixer that doesn’t leave you standing wasting clean shower water as you wait for it to heat.

Spend more productive time in your bathroom

Attend to other bathroom routines while Triton Xerophyte prepares your shower. No time-wasting standing waiting for hot water.

Take the effort out of water-conservation

Triton Xerophyte does the conservation work for you every time you shower. No more Buckets!

No more fiddling for the right temperature

Triton Xerophyte's pre-defined settings and automated temperature and flow controls ensure the perfect shower.


Save Money, Water & Energy

An efficient and sustainable way to shower. Control trials show 30% water-saving compared to traditional showers.

Superior Comfort

Triton’s top of the range digital shower works for you! Simple touch-button and dial controls that deliver the temperature and water flow you want, when you want it!


  • No water wastage while waiting for the shower to warm up.
  •  Continue with your bathroom routine until the alarm announces that the warm-up is complete and your shower is ready.
  • Shower timer with countdown display encourages a more efficient and focused water-conserving approach to showering.
  • Mid shower water-saving pause/restart function for shaving, soaping, and shampooing.
  • An alarm sounds 30 seconds before shutting down in accordance to your pre-defined shower time.
  • Once the timer expires, the water flow stops automatically.


  • Wireless shower controller allows freedom to position the device anywhere on the shower wall. And for those who prefer a cable, a 10m one is supplied.
  • Easy to read full colour digital display - perfect for weary eyes first thing.

Mixer Unit

  • Suitable for all hot water systems including on demand gas boilers.
  • Peace & quiet – the Triton Xerophyte runs silently thanks to our new quiet motor technology.

For a Cleaner Conscience

Triton Xerophyte shown to save MORE THAN 30% water compared with traditional showers. The Triton Xerophyte is a more efficient and sustainable way to shower.


Quality Assured

The Triton Xerophyte mixer and controller is built under the manufacturer’s ISO9001 accreditation for safety and quality. The Triton Xerophyte’s electric components comply with BEAB & NRCS safety standards.


Easy to Install

The Triton Xerophyte is expertly engineered and rigorously tested to ensure the highest levels of quality and performance. It is also designed for quick, hassle-free fitting.


Made in the UK

The Triton Xerophyte water-saving digital shower is manufactured in the United Kingdom.


Full Parts Guaranteed

Each Triton Xerophyte mixer and controller is individually tested before it leaves the factory. Every mixer is backed by a full 3-year parts guarantee.

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