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Triton Xerophyte
Shower Mixer

The more efficient and sustainable way to shower

Tired of wasting clean water while waiting for it to heat up?

With the Triton Xerophyte, wasting water and time while you wait for your shower to warm up is a thing of the past. Simply press the START button and carry on with your daily bathroom routine while the Triton Xerophyte water flow management technology warm up your shower.

Tired of catching and recycling shower water?

The Triton Xerophyte eliminates the need for ineffective, frustrating and messy manual water conservation interventions. Triton Xerophyte's innovative water flow technology solves this by circulating the water without wasting a drop. Save water every time you shower with a Triton Xerophyte, even during times of water abundance. During trials in the Kruger National Park, the Triton Xerophyte reduced shower water consumption by more than 30%.

Tired of fiddling with taps for the right shower temperature?

The Triton Xerophyte combines water conservation technology and the luxury of Triton Showers' top of the range digital shower. Your pre-defined shower preferences ensure a consistent quality shower without having to fiddle with controls. You pre-specify your preferred temperature, flow rate and shower duration so that you can enjoy a perfect experience every time. It automatically responds to changes in water temperature and water flow, maximizing your shower experience.

Save Money, Water & Energy
How to save water

An efficient and sustainable way to shower. Control trials show 30% water-saving compared to traditional showers.

Superior Comfort

Triton’s top of the range digital shower works for you! Simple touch-button and dial controls that deliver the temperature and water flow you want, when you want it!

best shower

  • No water wastage while waiting for the shower to warm up.
  •  Continue with your bathroom routine until the alarm announces that the warm-up is complete and your shower is ready.
  • Shower timer with countdown display encourages a more efficient and focused water-conserving approach to showering.
  • Mid shower water-saving pause/restart function for shaving, soaping, and shampooing.
  • An alarm sounds 30 seconds before shutting down in accordance to your pre-defined shower time.
  • Once the timer expires, the water flow stops automatically.

Digital Shower

  • Wireless shower controller allows freedom to position the device anywhere on the shower wall. And for those who prefer a cable, a 10m one is supplied.
  • Easy to read full colour digital display - perfect for weary eyes first thing.

Mixer Unit
Shower Mixer

  • Suitable for all hot water systems including on demand gas boilers.
  • Peace & quiet – the Triton Xerophyte runs silently thanks to our new quiet motor technology.


Press the ON switch on the wireless remote button or on the shower controller to commence the warm up process. Once the audible signal announces the water is warmed to your preset temperature, step into the shower and press PLAY to enjoy a customised shower to your default preference. Simply press PAUSE mid shower to conserve water as you attend to shampoo, soap and other in-shower rituals, then press RESTART when ready to continue. Press STOP at any time to complete your shower. An audible alarm will sound 30 seconds before your Triton Xerophyte automatically shuts down in accordance with the pre-set shower time. No water wasting and frustrating mid-shower mixer adjustments. The Triton Xerophyte delivers a pleasurable, water efficient and enhanced hassle-free shower experience.

Water Conservation

Installing a Triton Xerophyte digital water-saving shower mixer is the uncomplicated answer to eliminate shower water wastage while enhancing the shower experience. The Triton Xerophyte provides a practical and functional water conservation solution in the world’s battle to preserve precious clean and fresh water resources.


Continue with your bathroom routine until the Triton Xerophyte’s alarm announces that the water has reached your customized temperature and your shower is ready. Convenient simple push-button PLAY, PAUSE, RESTART, STOP function and mid-shower temperature adjustment dial and digital display. 


The Triton Xerophyte has a setting for either low or high-pressure systems. In the low-pressure setting it uses the new quiet pump motor technology to boost water pressure for a more enjoyable shower.


Just as each of us have a personal preference for the way we take our morning tea or coffee, so it is with the way we set and take our daily shower. Configure your Triton Xerophyte using the tamperproof setup menu. Select your default ideal shower temperature, preferred flow level, shower duration, and black or blue screen background. If someone else uses your Triton Xerophyte and changes those settings, once they are finished the settings will automatically revert to your default.

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