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Triton Xerophyte History

Water conservation has never been more important. To conserve water, the need for more innovative, water wastage reduction products without compromising comfort, is growing by the day. In the bathroom, for example, an optimal shower experience requires the constant supply of sufficiently hot water, while preventing the wasting of suboptimal temperature water. 

Advances in showering technology are essential to protect natural resources. With this in mind, IWSX, a water conservation driven South African enterprise has risen to the challenge. Working with the UK’s leading shower manufacturer, Triton, the two organisations have adapted the brand’s popular HOST LP mixer to reduce shower water consumption and efficiently eliminate water wasted at the start of a shower. When we turn on a traditional shower, the clean but cold water is lost down the drain until the water reaches an optimal temperature. As much as 30 litres of water may be wasted when the hot water source is located some distance from the shower. 

To eliminate such wastage, the Triton Xerophyte is a patented electronically controlled mixer that recirculates water inside the shower until warm water is available. With no need to adjust controls when starting a shower, the Triton Xerophyte adds convenience for the user to do other things while waiting for the water to warm to your pre-set temperature. The Triton Xerophyte sounds an audible alarm when the warm-up is finished.

The Triton Xerophyte continuously monitors and controls the water mixture to ensure a comfortable, enjoyable shower and prevent water wastage due to temperature fluctuations. The PAUSE/RESTART function allows the user to save considerably more water by temporarily halting the water flow and timer to attend to soaping, shampooing and other typical mid-shower rituals. The timer motivates the user to be more conscious of water conservation, even encouraging the user to complete their shower and press STOP before the timer reaches ZERO.

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